What are the alternatives to email marketing in China since few Chinese people open emails?

Email marketing consists in delivering commercial information to target consumers through email after obtaining users’ prior permission. With the advent of the mobile Internet era, many enterprises have begun to move from offline to online to increase sales and achieve brand promotion. Email marketing is more mature than any other internet marketing channel. It boasts […]

The future of Nike in China after shutting down its NIKE Run Club app in 2022


Nike first entered the Chinese market in 1981. Nike grew rapidly in China, but instead of bringing its products over directly, Nike chose to sponsor Chinese sporting clubs and athletic events. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, Nike took the initiative to sponsor several sports teams, which took the brand across the entire country. Today, Nike […]

KFC, the most ‘sustainable’ F&B brand in China: PR Miracle or Reality?


As early as 1987, KFC entered the Chinese market and rapidly expanded. As of December 2021, KFC in China holds over 8,100 outlets across 1,600 cities. To attract Chinese consumers and cater to the Chinese taste, KFC in China has glocalized its menus – offering not only its signature fried chicken, but traditional Chinese options […]

Walking down the memory lane: Nostalgia marketing with Ant Forest this Chinese New Year

daxue consulting ant forest campaign chinese new year

On January 21st, 2022, in the countdown to the Chinese New Year, Ant Forest (Alipay’s tree planting initiative) released a campaign video – Celebrating a Green CNY (绿色过大年), in collaboration with Shanghai Animation Film Studio (上海美术电影制片厂, SAFS, one of the Chinese original animator producers and has produced 80% of Chinese cartoons), celebrating Spring Festival in […]

Baidu marketing at a glance: How to do search engine marketing in China

Baidu marketing

As of December 2020, the number of Internet users in China has reached 989 million. At the same time, China’s Internet penetration rate has reached 70.4%, higher than the global average. The Internet has entered into every aspect of Chinese society. As a result, companies have taken advantage of this trend and are gradually increasing […]

Unraveling Unilever’s marketing strategy in China

Unilever’s marketing strategy in China

During 2021’s investor presentation about Unilever’s business in China, the Executive Vice President, Rohit Jawa, and the Head of Investor Relations, Richard Williams, depicted winning China as a priority for the British-Dutch Group. Despite the frequent ups and downs, Unilever’s marketing strategy in China proves the company’s long-term commitment to engage with local consumers. In […]

Feminism in Chinese marketing: How brands are empowering Chinese women

feminism in Chinese marketing

After a long history of favoring males, currently feminism in China is gaining momentum and many brands utilize it in their strategy, promoting feminism in Chinese marketing. What does China’s feminism movement entail? China’s feminist movement has three mayor demands: to make visible the household work that women do and to redistribute it; equal opportunity […]

2014 SaaS start-up provides CRM solutions for companies on WeChat approaches $10 million in revenue and raising millions of dollars in external investment: China Paradigm transcript #119 with Kai Hong

crm solutions for companies on wechat

Matthieu David:  I’m delighted to say I’m joined today by Kai Hong, founder of JINGdigital. This SaaS company improves brands’ conversion using marketing automation tools. From customer acquisition to lead nurturing and life cycle marketing to customer retargeting, their solutions allow businesses to engage with their customers through their most important social channels in China. […]

How brands carve room for body positivity in China

body positivity in China

Body positivity refers to the assertion that all people deserve to have a positive body image, regardless of society’s ideal shape, size, and appearance. The body positivity movement challenges existing social standards of what preferred body is, promotes the acceptance of all types of bodies, helps people build confidence and acceptance of their own bodies […]