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Baidu marketing at a glance: How to do search engine marketing in China

As of December 2020, the number of Internet users in China has reached 989 million. At the same time, China’s Internet penetration rate has reached 70.4%, higher than the global average. The Internet has entered into every aspect of Chinese society. As a result, companies have taken advantage of this trend and are gradually increasing their investment in online marketing to reach more consumers and consolidate their brand reputation. In combination with Baidu SEO, Baidu marketing is one of the keys to reaching Chinese consumers online.

Baidu was founded in January 2000 in Zhongguancun, Beijing. As the largest Chinese search engine around the world, Baidu responds to billions of search requests from more than 100 countries and regions every day. Therefore, a strong potential customer base offers Baidu a unique advantage in online advertising and marketing.

However, foreign companies entering China cannot use the same search engine optimization (SEO) methods on Baidu as Google.  This is mainly because Baidu has its unique characteristics and challenges, such as complex language issues, cultural differences, user behaviour, legal considerations, censorship and technical considerations.

Similarly, Baidu marketing tactics like paid search ads are different from what companies may expect on Google. The first thing to get familiar with regarding Baidu SEM is Baidu marketing centre.

What is the Baidu marketing centre?

Baidu Marketing Centre is Baidu’s commercial product and service platform. Baidu Marketing Centre brings market trends, commercial product dynamics, marketing solutions and other information to merchants through diversified content formats such as special topics, live broadcasts, audio and video, to help better marketing decisions and commercial promotion.

operations of Baidu marketing centre Baidu marketing
Data source: Baidu marketing, Designed by Daxue Consulting, operations of Baidu marketing centre

As seen in the visual above, the Baidu marketing centre consists of three main parts, which are promotion decision making, monitoring and promotion placement. Advertising services are not only available through the Baidu SEM, but also branding, infomercials and open screen advertising. In addition, once you create the advertisements, you can use Baidu statistics to monitor the effectiveness of the advertisements in real-time.

Why Baidu marketing is important for your company?

For companies that would like to try online marketing, there are 2 key core values Baidu marketing can provide:

1 Precise brand promotion

With Baidu’s AI technology and big data, businesses can identify the true needs and preferences of each user based on more than 2 million features and over 1 billion internet user profiles. Businesses not only can capture user behaviour in real-time and target the right people, but also effectively build brand reputation.

2 Clarify the future direction and business framework for the company

Since Baidu Marketing stipulates the business development direction and business framework of the company, it has clearly defined what the company’s core and growth business are. Therefore, this allows corporate leaders and management to make business decisions.

How to advertise your brand through Baidu SEM?

As one of the most important digital marketing tools in China, Baidu SEM (Search Engine Marketing) refers to the publication of bidding advertisements on Baidu, and enterprises display the advertisements on the first page of Baidu search results by way of keyword bidding ranking.

Step 1: Opening an account

Opening an account for the first time only requires a basic pre-deposited promotion fee of 6,000 CNY (starting), and a service fee of 1,000 CNY (maximum). The service fee and the basic pre-deposited promotion fee may vary depending on the specific situation.

Baidu Promotion Process Baidu marketing
Data source: Baidu SEM, Baidu Promotion Process

Step 2: Choosing the proper keywords

After the service is activated, businesses need to select keywords before implementing Baidu SEM. The first key point is that you need to ensure that the target keywords have a certain level of search requirements, because and the words that no one searches are worthless and meaningless.

Secondly, you should try to reduce the difficulty of Baidu SEM keyword optimization. Filter the keywords that suit your website does not mean that you must target the most popular and most searched words. Although many users search for such words as “cosmetics”, it is undoubtedly very difficult for small businesses and new foreign entrants to make these keywords in the top few places. Therefore, keyword optimization is to find keywords that have been searched more often and are not too difficult.

Finally, Baidu prefers more precise keywords compared to Google. Therefore, brands also need to have specific and detailed keywords for their website to have a chance of ranking higher.

Step 3: Timely monitoring and optimise

Not only in the process of Baidu SEM but also SEO, it is necessary to monitor the effect of website optimization and the problems encountered by the website in order to adjust the optimization strategies and methods of the website timely.

Baidu Statistics is a professional website traffic analysis tool launched by Baidu. This website can tell you how visitors find and browse your website, and how to improve visitors’ experience on your website, helping you to make more visitors become loyal customers.

Baidu Statistics Interface Baidu marketing
Source: Zhihu, Baidu Statistics Interface

Baidu’s statistics interface helps users find insights into the traffic trend of the website: the upper table shows the traffic overview, the lower trend graph shows the indicator trend (selected by the indicator in the upper left corner), and the time label can be used to quickly switch between different periods.

Author: Yifan Ma

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