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Douyin marketing: the gateway for reaching over 680 million users


China’s short video industry has become a battleground for some of the country’s biggest tech giants, including Tencent, Baidu, and Kuaishou. Among them, ByteDance’s application, Douyin (抖音), emerged as a key player. The company launched Douyin (known as TikTok outside China) in September 2016, and in just six years, the platform has attracted an astonishing […]

The secrets to the 5 trillion CNY Chinese Gen Z market: Douyin and Guochao

China’s Gen Z consumers are still largely dependent on parents, yet they are some of the highest spenders in the country. At the same time, brands often underestimate the consumption ability of Chinese Generation Z because of their young age. According to the Chinese National Bureau of Statistics, the population size of Zoomers has reached 233 […]

Chinese TikTok Douyin e-commerce: A new playground for brands


This article on Douyin e-commerce was originally published by Azoya Douyin, the Chinese version of TikTok, is a booming short-video app in China, with over 600 million daily active users. In 2021, Douyin built its own e-commerce ecosystem, launched flagship stores for brand accounts, and created platform-owned payment solutions to close the loop on its e-commerce operation. […]

Everything you didn’t know Douyin could do


Douyin is one of the most popular social media platforms in China. Owned by the Chinese tech company Bytedance, this APP allows users to upload and share videos under one minute long, but what makes it so special is its ability to tailor content recommendations on members’ interests and tastes through its sophisticate algorithm. According […]

The 9 most globally influential Chinese companies from Time’s 100 Most Influential Companies 2021 list

most influential Chinese companies

On April 28th 2021, Time Magazine selected 100 most influential companies, nine Chinese companies made the list. These are the nine most influential Chinese companies from Time’s list: Tencent, Alibaba, Huawei, Didi Chuxing, BYD, Yum China, DJI (Da-Jiang Innovations), TSMC (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company) and TikTok. BYD – promoting “green” vehicles Source: BYD Electric cars in […]

Guide to Chinese e-commerce platforms: which platform is the best for your brands

guide to e-commerce platforms in China

Over the past three decades, the Chinese economy has experienced unprecedentedly rapid growth. Social progress, technological innovations, and increasing disposable personal incomes have shaped new shopping habits. A variety of e-commerce modes, like live-streaming e-commerce, social e-commerce, and cross-border e-commerce, have emerged in the market. Large Chinese e-commerce platforms, like Alibaba’s Taobao and, have […]

China Paradigm 109: Building a SaaS in the Wechat, Weibo & Douyin ecosystems

building SaaS in China

Building a SaaS in China Matthieu David interviews Alex Duncan, Co-founder and Product Lead, and Alex Li, VP at KAWO Head of Brand and Agency Partnerships. If you are a big brand trying to establish yourself on the Chinese market you’re going to need a strong social media presence. Thus, we decided to arrange this […]

Chinese Market Research Tools | Tech to analyze the world

market research tools in China

With the development of information technology, investigators can record consumption actions in databases. Internet helps analysts collect such data effectively. Market research tools assist users to quickly locate what they look for and figure out recent trends. When one searches market research tools on Baidu, over 7.41 million results show there is full attention on […]