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Chinese Market Research Tools | Tech to analyze the world

With the development of information technology, investigators can record consumption actions in databases. Internet helps analysts collect such data effectively. Market research tools assist users to quickly locate what they look for and figure out recent trends. When one searches market research tools on Baidu, over 7.41 million results show there is full attention on the topic. Analysts can find enough recommendations for market research tools. Abundant Chinese market research tools encourage developers to design more functions to advance tools to attract users.

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Common China market research tools

During market research, investigators need to use some tools to help design research, record data, and conduct analysis.

Questionnaires to collect information

The questionnaire survey is a traditional method to collect data. Before the internet era, investigators used manual questionnaires to gather people’s opinions. They spent more time distributing questionnaires and collecting results. However, now a market research firm can collect tens of thousands of survey responses with the click of a button.

Analytic tools help to interpret data

There are various analytic tools helping investigators conduct analysis. The most prevalent software is Excel. Investigators can form charts and filter data to search for what they need after organizing multiple data in Excel. SPSS, Python, and other software are also useful in extracting and recognizing necessary information.

Popular Chinese market research tools

New Chinese market research tools have appeared, and better helped investigators get access to their solutions. There are large amounts of market research tools in public designed for different goals.

Chanmama focuses on Douyin’s data

Douyin is the most popular short video platform in China, which is not only an advertising outlet, but also now a sales platform. The tool Chanmama is a short video monitor website focused on live streaming data, hottest KOLs, and products sold on Douyin. The tool has three main functions. Most are free, but it also has paid version. Firstly, it offers various rankings for live streams, influencers, and commodities. Users can filter data that they need by adjusting the filters. Meanwhile, users can form charts directly on the platform to figure out current trends like popular products and videos on Douyin. Secondly, Chanmama offers numerous free materials like pictures, videos, and music to allow users to create. Thirdly, its monitor tools help users track accounts’ posts and likes in real-time and calculate ROI accurately.

Chanmama Chinese market research tool

[Source: Chanmama “Chanmama helps users find popular live streams”]

Xindou also digs Douyin’s data

Xindou is also a platform extracting and presenting data on Douyin. Similar to Chanmama, Xindou can unveil popular Douyin KOLs and videos, and compare accounts’ data. Additionally, it has more functions, like looking for MCN, store discovery, and consumer portraits. On its profile, Xindou also updates the latest news related to Douyin. However, Xindou’s free version has many limitations. Many functions are unavailable to users are VIPs. Its VIP service allows employees to bind at most 20 sub-accounts and updates the same information simultaneously. Nonetheless, the users of free versions have limited times on searching. They can only get access to the latest news but cannot get historical data.

Xindou China market research tool

[Source: Xindou “Xindou’s main functions”]

Find app data on Qimai

Qimai concentrates on app search volume and downloads. Much like App Annie in the west, users can get IOS and Android rankings and monitor changes in real time. Investigators can search among different subsections to find what they want. They can use Qimai’s ASO and ASM functions to optimize apps rankings and target marketing. Meanwhile, it also offers news sharing and data reports services. VIPs can even enjoy their courses and networking benefits.

Qimai China market research tool

[Source: Qimai “Qimai’s main functions”]

Public sentiments and social media listening: Weiredian

Supported by Sina, Weiredian engages in social media listening and monitoring through big data. It can monitor keywords on internet news and Weibo. After collecting information, Weiredian can classify, analyze, and predict trends automatically. People can search for keywords and get their ranks by search volume, types, regions, and other elements. The website can tell how popular the keyword is and offers relevant buzzword cloud. Also, it provides many free big data reports. Users can make brief reports based on information selected.

Chinese market research tool

[Source: Weiredian “Users can form reports directly using its multi-dimensional analysis”]

Professional questionnaire collector: Wenjuan

Wenjuan is a questionnaire platform to help collect information and data. Its functions primarily include questionnaires, voting, and registration forms. Users can create questions directly or use the platform’s templates. If one is not familiar with it, Wenjuan provides videos to help learn how to use it for different scenarios. After collection, users can not only download information to analyze but also conduct cross analysis directly on the system.

Chinese  survey tool Wenjuan

[Source: Wenjuan “Create questionnaires by directly adding questions or using its templates”]

BlueMC concentrates on social media news

Like Weiredian, BlueMC pays attention to Weibo and internet news. In addition, BlueMC captures data from other social platforms like WeChat to portray KOLs and community and form buzzword cloud. It offers search options to contain specific keywords or exclude certain keywords and compose reports automatically. However, users need to pay for most functions. Also, the site often works slowly and spends extended time loading.

Chinese social listening tools

[Source: BlueMC “Portrait Communities based on users’ keywords”]

Explain Taobao Live’s data by Tsj

Taobao Live mainly provides sales data for different industries, products, and countries on Taobao. It also presents Taobao live-stream data, sales analysis, and influencers analysis. The way to use it is similar to many platforms, entering keywords and filtering based on one’s requirements. It also has a function named title diagnosis that gives users advice to improve its title’s quality. Also, it has comprehensive e-commerce data, but almost all services are paid.

China market research tool Taobao Ju

[Source: Taobao Live owned by Tsj “Tsj’s main functions for Taobao Live”]

Technology makes Chinese market research tools multi-functional

With the development of technology, Chinese market research tools changed from manual methods to internet tools, which can multiply the pace of data collected and expand the data pool. After collecting market research data, comes analysis and strategy consulting. To expand your China market research project into a China market strategy contact our project team at

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