Keys to nostalgia marketing in China: Qualitative research on what makes Chinese millennials and gen Z nostalgic

Research on nostalgia in China

Nostalgia marketing aims to capture customers’ attention by appealing to cherished memories. Nostalgia marketing is done through returning to concepts from an earlier phase in target consumers’ lives like family, holidays, and school, through triggers like music, tastes and images, or through pairing with popular brands, products and icons from childhood and early adulthood. From […]

How Chinese netizens react to the Black Lives Matter protests in the US

Chinese netizens reaction to black lives matter protests

A spark arises in the quiet Midwestern city of Minneapolis, Minnesota and within a week, the whole country catches fire from New York to Los Angeles. Since the death of Gorge Floyd, an African American who was suffocated to death by police on May 25th, thousands of Americans brave the curfews and confinement rules linked […]

Chinese Market Research Tools | Tech to analyze the world

market research tools in China

With the development of information technology, investigators can record consumption actions in databases. Internet helps analysts collect such data effectively. Market research tools assist users to quickly locate what they look for and figure out recent trends. When one searches market research tools on Baidu, over 7.41 million results show there is full attention on […]

Entering the Age of Social Media in China: How to take advantage of it?

To know more about the Social Media in China, contact us at  Social media listening or monitoring is the process of identifying and assessing what is being said about a company, individual, project or brand on the different social media channels. It is used in order to gain insights on customers’ online behavior. From […]