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China's beauty market

Consumer pain points in China’s beauty market

In the very competitive beauty market in China, many brands are fiercely and rapidly innovating to satisfy the needs of consumers. However, there are still remaining pain points that have not been addressed at all or have not been addressed effectively by brands. To identify some of these pain points, we conducted social media listening on popular social media platforms like Xiaohongshu and Weibo. Some of these pain points are more niche than others; however, understanding these discussions on social media helps us recognize minor yet significant issues that would benefit from being addressed.

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Key findings on Chinese beauty consumer pain points

  • Teenagers demand skincare products, but there are not many products dedicated to their skin, or existing teenager-specific products are not widely known.
  • With China’s heat and humidity, daily activities like going to the gym or occasional activities like going to the beach on holidays cause makeup not to last long.
  • With the growing demand for multifunctional haircare products and the desire to address specific hair issues, especially hair loss, consumers discuss that multifunctional haircare products are not effective enough.
  • Bodycare routines have become a lot more sophisticated, but products have not reached that level. Therefore, consumers are DIY-ing their bodycare products.
  • Large perfume bottles are not convenient for on-the-go use, whether for daily activities or traveling.