How young Chinese consumers are finding themselves

How Young Chinese Consumers are finding themselves

We analyzed the overarching trends of young Chinese consumer’s ambitions. To go beyond consumer trends and expose societal trends, we uncovered the correlations in consumer habits, social listening, in-depth interviews, and successful brand strategies. In this report we define young consumers as Chinese millennials and Gen-Z, or in Chinese terminology, the 90后 (those born after […]

Vietnam x China business relations

Vietnam-China business relations

China and Vietnam have maintained deep political, economic and cultural ties. For instance, China has been Vietnam’s largest trading partner and a major source of foreign direct investment. Despite COVID-19 disruptions, their bilateral trade continued to grow and reached $230.2 billion in 2021. Culturally, the two countries share deep roots and cultural affinities which boosted […]

Thailand x China business relations

Thailand x China business relations

The two countries have been trading partners for centuries, and in recent years, their economic ties have strengthened further. China is currently Thailand’s largest trading partner, accounting for about 15% of Thailand’s total trade volume. Thailand, in turn, is China’s second-largest trading partner in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) region. The bilateral trade […]

Singapore x China business relations


The economic relationship between Singapore and China dates back to the 1980s when Singapore was one of the first countries to establish diplomatic relations with China. Since then, the two countries have been working closely together in various fields, including trade, investment, and finance. According to Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Singapore has been China’s […]

The Philippines x China business relations


The Philippines and China have had a complex business relationship over the years. China is a major trading partner of the Philippines, and the two countries have been engaged in various business and investment activities. However, there have also been political and territorial disputes that have affected their economic ties. The Philippines exports primarily agricultural […]

ASEAN x China business relations

ASEAN-x-China-business-relations report

ASEAN and China have a strong business relationship. China is ASEAN’s biggest trading partner, while ASEAN is China’s third-largest trading partner. Major exports include machinery, electronics, and chemical products from China and agricultural products, mineral products, and machinery from ASEAN. The countries are also collaborating in the infrastructure, digital economy, energy, and tourism sectors. In […]

10 mistakes Chinese brands make when going overseas

Chinese companies expanding abroad

As the country’s homegrown brands increase in quality and capabilities, more Chinese brands are expanding overseas. However just like when foreign brands enter China, many Chinese brands make mistakes in localizing to foreign markets. In this report on 10 Mistakes Chinese Brands Make when Going Overseas, we highlight some common errors with case studies. Download […]

Which MNCs are the most innovative in China? Download our report

MNC Innovation in China

AYO Innovation Consulting surveyed 511 startups on what MNCs are the most innovative in China. Daxue Consulting helped analyze the results to uncover the 45 most innovative MNCs along with many other insights regarding collaboration between MNCs and startups in China. The results were shared at the AYO 500for500 Innovation Awards event on November 30th […]

China’s Singles’ Day: 11.11 2022 Guide


Double 11 is the world’s largest e-commerce shopping festival. Created in 2009 by Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba to celebrate “Singles’ Day” in China, it was soon adopted by all major Chinese e-commerce platforms to become the massive event it is today. Starting late October with pre-sales, the peak of the sales festival is November 11th, […]

The Zero-COVID lockdown’s long-term impact on Chinese consumption


The outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2019 and the consequent containment measures have forced consumers to stay at home, as a result, shopping habits significantly shifted. Indeed, the pandemic accelerated health awareness in China: fitness and weight have become some of the hottest topics on social media platforms like Weibo, Douyin, Xiaohongshu, and WeChat, […]