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A brand’s guide to Chinese gifting habits

Gifting in China goes beyond just products and special occasions. It includes everyday life and meaningful experiences that can strengthen harmonious relationships. To uncover how gifting habits are being shaped, we conducted in-depth desk research and social listening on major gifting platforms including Taobao (淘宝) and Liwushuo (礼物说) and social media platforms such as Xiaohongshu (小红书) and Weibo (微博). 

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Some key findings from our report

  • Gift giving is becoming a daily habit, with Chinese people gifting more often and casually. 
  • Gifting is vital in strengthening roles in harmonious relationships. 
  • Health/wellness are rising in popularity as gift givers seek ways to support the wellbeing of others. 
  • Personalization/customization, interactive experiences, and an “expensive yet sophisticated” look can make products more appealing. 
  • Festive occasions, notably the Chinese New Year, let brands showcase their cultural understanding through gifts. 
  • Gift givers rely on social media as a source of gifting inspiration.

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