Chinese gifting habits

[Webinar] A brand’s guide to Chinese gifting habits

Gifting in China goes beyond products and special occasions; it plays a role in fostering relationships from intimate to professional. The range of products being chosen as gifts grows every year, but how one selects gifts for another person is very different from how they shop for themselves.

We recently shared a webinar where we went through the findings of our recent report on gifting habits in China. The webinar took place on October 17th at 4PM Beijing/10AM Paris time and was led by research director Steffi Noel and project manager Lutina Gu.

The webinar has concluded! But you can still download the presentation deck below:

In the webinar covered

  • How Chinese consumers choose their gifts
  • Special gifting occasions in China
  • Current gifting trends
  • Chinese gifting culture
  • Case studies of brands that successfully tap into China’s gifting market
  • and more!

View the recording of the China gifting habits webinar below

Recording of our China Gifting Habits Webinar from October 17th 2023