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Copyright protection in modern China

Daxue Talks transcript #16: Copyright protection in modern China

Find here the Daxue Talks episode 16. From the talk with Gabriel, learn more about copyright protection in modern China.

Full transcript below:

I am Gabriel from Shanghai Li Dong Fang Law Firm, I am a lawyer with 7 years of working experience. My specialty is labor law, company law, intellectual property rights, trademark, copyrights and international trade, banking rules.

  1. What kind of productions are protectable by copyright in China? What you cannot protect with copyright in China?

Any work finished without impeaching others’ intellectual property rights or without violating laws in public decency in China shall be protected on the Chinese copyright law, including but not limited to, picture, photo, novels, books, and computer software, and so on.

2. What authorities do you need to contact/be in touch with to protect your copyrights in China?

In China, you need to contact the National Administration for Copyright Registration to register the copyrights.

3. Can you protect your copyrights in pictures in China?

Yes, we can. In the first step, we need to register the copyrights of such pictures at the National Administration of Copyrights Registration. By doing so, we can, in case of a possible dispute, we can show evidence at court that we have the copyrights of such pictures and photos.

4. If someone takes a picture or video of you without your permission, what actions can you take in China, if any?

My pictures or photos for commercial purpose without my approval, that constitutes a violation of my personal image rights. Yes, of course, I will sue them.

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