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#CVs and China: a perfect place to market Mycvfactory’s services

Mycvfactory: the concept& context

MyCVfactory is a company that specializes in helping people to find the career that best suits them.  Whether this be that they change careers or find their very first one, MyCVfactory takes pride in their ability to help customers.  This is done through the creation of quality CV’s, exquisite resume crafting and detailed cover letters.  MyCVfactory has a team of specialists that can be put at any potential employee’s disposal.  Human Resource officers, graphic designers and typographers all ready to find you the job you need.  MyCVfactory is the brainchild of Pauline Lahary, who graduated from SKEMA Business School with her Master’s degree in international business.  Her inspiration for this business came after she realized how talented she was at finding her close friends various jobs.

Figures: 2,000 visitors / day; the English website went live 2 months ago; Still one associate, but they seem to be opened to new directors (contact her to get a better insight) ; 33 People working all together to make the company go up exponentially.

What about the Chinese market?

Mycvfactory-profil-linkedin-1MyCVfactory has been doing well in Europe and they are now looking to go more global by targeting the Chinese market.This is a big step as the Chinese market is very different from the European market, and this distinction has motivated MyCVfactory to adopt as well as develop new branding strategies to make sure that Chinese candidates are accurately and fully represented: Indeed, they’ve been working on a fresh brand new website for chinese people, with social media strategy including wechat payments. They already started to understand their needs and expectations through events and workshops.

‘Chinese people definitely need our services, and the few last months have been very interesting for us in terms of understanding this specific market. We just need to find the right business model and the right marketing to fit their expectations’ declared Pauline last week when we interviewed her @Beijing.

B2C…and B2B?

In addition to theircurrent services, MyCVfactory will also offer B2B packages to fit Universities, Schools and Recruitment cabinet’s requests.

We’ve come up with CV packages, on the same business model as Spotify: one monthly fee vs unlimited CV downloads for their students, their candidates. It’s been doing great since the last few months, and we’re glad!’ tells Pauline.

They already closed some deals with Universities in Singapore or Taiwan, China is still under negotiation ! They hope to develop this offer even more in the future, and we wish their team well !


By Daxue Consulting – Market agency Beijing