What is Daxue Crowdfund

Daxue Consulting is developing a platform of crowdfunding for market research projects in China. The purpose is to offer you the best of our state-of-art market research methodologies at the most competitive price thanks to a group-buying methods.

In your database of clients, many companies might need the same information, the similar understanding of Chinese market.
What if you can tell to 5 of your clients that they can pay $2,000 for a research that costs $10,000?
What if you could specifically design one research project for your whole base of clients?
What if you can get 20% of the money raised just by tracking your clients buying the research?

Since world-scale crowdfund platforms such as Kickstarter or Indiegogo has met the success, crowdfunding has become one of the essential tools to rise project budget or to invest (according to the side you position yourself) in a various range of sectors. Hundreds of platforms has been created to promote investment in projects related to gaming, music, charity, innovation and many more. Daxue Consulting believes it is time for market research and knowledge industry to leverage this funding method as well.

A simple process to offer highly competitive researches in China

1/ Design the research that fits yours or your client’s needs

The Daxuecrowdfund platform is open to any of our partners. One research is designed and submit to our team. It includes:

  • a complete listening of information needed and issues to be resolved,
  • a range of methodologies (focus group, mystery shopping, market survey, eye-tracking, and many other possibilities),
  • a detailed sample (number of respondents and screening criteria such as age and interest for instance),
  • a deadline

Lets take one example – a consulting agency in London. You have a database of clients in the cosmetic industry and many of them are interested by the Chinese market. You go on DaxueCrowdfund platform and design a research that fits the needs of all your clients:

  • Listing of information related to the consumers preference, market acceptance of specific concepts (skincare, face cream), willigness to pay for such products.
  • 4 Focus Groups (2 in Shanghai, 2 in Beijing) with young urban consumers from the middle-upper class that buy at least 1 cosmetic product a month

2/Raise the money

Then, our team will define a budget needed for this very project and post the research design on the platform. Once it is online, any firm that is interested by the project will invest a share of the project budget (standard share is 1/5) until the budget is fully raised (with 5 companies then). Each company investing will add their own questions and requirements for the research to better fit their specific needs and aims in China.

Agencies spreading the research to their base of clients interested by the Chinese market will get 20% of the total budget raised by their database.

The budget needed for your cosmetic research is USD 15,000. Once the research project is online, you spread the link to your data base. 5 of your clients invest USD 3,000 each in the project and they can add their own specific questions – What is the most impactful packaging? what cream is the most associated with safety? what brand is the most associated to high-quality? 

If the total budget is raised by your base of client, you get USD 3,000. If 4 of your clients invest USD 3,000 each in the project and the last investor come from another source, you get 4*3,000*20% = USD 2,400.

3/ Get the conclusion and enjoy insightful data on your or your client’s market in China

As soon as the budget is raised, Daxue Consulting will start the research project and send first results within 4 weeks. Then, according to the defined deadline, the report will be sent to all the research-investors and phone call can be organised with investors’ team and a senior consultant from Daxue Consulting to discuss these results and conclusions.

Once the project is completed, we send you the report and you can spread it to your client that invested into the project. While the report is not exclusive, they get information and data that should cost about USD 15,000 for 1/5 of the price. If needed, we can organise phone call with our senior managers, your team and your client’s team.

YOU design the research project according to your clients’ needs in China.
YOU spread the research project to all your clients interested.
WE manage the project and get back to you with a complete report.
YOU provide your client with the report and get 20% of the entire money raised for the research.

Daxue Crowdfund