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What is Daxdigital

Daxdigital is focusing on e-commerce expansion in China and in specific cases worldwide. Its unique methodologies and rigorous approach ensure financial optimizations for e-commerce activation and expansion.



Daxdigital is a data-driven e-commerce agency. Daxdigital is basing its digital plan on analytical on-demand reports correlating data from major digital platforms in China (including but not exclusively Baidu, Youku, Sogou, Wechat, Douban, Weibo, Tmall, Taobao, JingDong, 1haodian, falsh sales websites). The approach is based on a multi-channel approach not excluding offline sales but integrating them into the plan whether it is through pop-up stores, offline consumer path, consumer touch-points, O2O-driven traffic, retargeting online to online / offline to online, social media.

A multi-channel approach to optimize your sales

Daxdigital put a specific attention on:

  • Tight management of inventory with an objective of 0 stock through flash sales, bertering, cooperations, international markets
  • Optimized costs of client acquisition through multi-channel approach
  • 3-month plan (marathon) within a 3-year plan with weekly sprints for each product segment long the product life as well as the company life
  • Constant optimization through 3-month plans and weekly execution sprints
  • Lean business approach
  • Long-term branding and communities around products and brands aiming at building wealth and long-term assets for the brand

Lets take one example: a childrenswear brand in New York wants to develop its online sales in China. 

Daxue Consulting answers this need by providing a thourough audit of the brand on the Chinese Internet and of the working assumptions of the competition and the identification of trends and main client acquisition leverages through big data analysis on Baidu, Wechat, Douban, Weibo, Tmall, Taobao, JingDong, 1haodian.

Then, Daxue Consulting will work in-house or with reliable and long-term partners on the setup of the digital market operations of the client, including the building of assets (website, e-shop, WeChat account), the indexation of the brand on Chinese platforms or communication material.