What is Daxue Strategist

Daxuestrategist is deploying strategies for international companies  to penetrate and scale up presence, sales and brand awareness in China.




Setup adapted, agile and relevant strategy in China

 Daxuestrategist works especially on:

  • Business model generation and match with the market and product,
  • Market sizing of the product or service and substitutes,
  • Market opportunities assessment ,
  • Business planning: organizational planning,
  • Go-to-market Planning: marketing resources to action, marketing resources to manage, marketing adaptations,
  • Business turnover strategies,
  • Profit-generation mission,
  • Quick fix and quick win assessment and implementation.

Lets take one example: a pharmaceutical company in France. The group is still at its beginning in China. In order to understand the challenges and opportunities linked to the Chinese market (at a Business to Business level), the group contacts Daxuestrategist to produce a complete market overview and ultimately support the firm to develop / expand efficiently in China. 

Daxuestrategy can conduct a thorough research of the BtoB client’s environment in order to provide our client strategy routes for its China business development. As a second step, Daxuestrategy’s team will deliver a plan on client acquisition and business planning.

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