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community building on linkedin

Daxue Talks 80: Connecting offline and online: Building a community on LinkedIn

Building a community on LinkedIn

Our guests Julien Sicard and Tamar Hela from LinkedIn Local Asia (Shanghai) share how LinkedIn can be used effectively for businesses and individuals. With the current global pandemic, they tell us how to leverage LinkedIn for networking and building an online community as well as how WeChat comes into play for their 3000-member LinkedIn community in Shanghai.

Jump to questions:

  • 0:00 Guest introduction
  • 1:42 How can a LinkedIn user or company better take advantage of LinkedIn groups?
  • 3:18 How can one merge online and offline communities on LinkedIn to expand their audience?
  • 4:48 How can companies in China use LinkedIn local?

Key takeaways about building a community on LinkedIn

  1. LinkedIn Local is a global community created by LinkedIn users, designed to take online relationships offline and get to know the person behind the profile.
  2. The LinkedIn algorithm is focused on a personal profile. So, interaction with the groups is not the best way to target people. However, live streaming is definitely a way to interact with the target audience (while the streaming feature is still limited on LinkedIn and available only to certain influencers).
  3. The uniqueness of China’s digital space is that various social networks can be associated and linked with groups and accounts in WeChat, which can become a free and powerful tool for communication and networking in the local market.

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