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Daxue talks 69: Chinese labour laws from an experienced business lawyer

Chinese labour laws from an experienced business lawyer

Our guest Nicolas Coster, a French business lawyer with over 16 years of experience in China, discusses relevant labour laws as an employee as well as the differences in labour laws within the country (learn about the legal process of hiring here).

Jump to questions:

  • 0:39: When can an employee take their employer to court?
  • 1:18: What is the role of employee handbooks?
  • 2:40: What are the main reasons for labor disputes in China?
  • 3:19: How are labor laws different to people with different Hukous?
  • 3:34: What are the taxes on labor in China?
  • 4:07: Are labor laws different from one province to another?
  • 4:48: Who should pay personal taxes? The employee or the employer?

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