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Retail safari

A retail safari is an immersive exploration of retail environments that allows companies to gain insights into emerging trends, adapt strategies, and enhance customer experiences, fostering innovation in the retail industry. How we conduct a retail safari Define Our project team will establish specific objectives for the retail safari, clarifying what you aim to achieve. […]

Customer Understanding

Understanding Chinese customers is key to need to have a clear picture of their needs, desires, behaviors, and expectations. If you know your customers, you can provide them what they are looking for, enhance their engagement and trigger a virtuous circle of positive word-of-mouth recommendations. The complex socio-economic situation in China, with its huge population […]

Tribe Marketing

A tribe is a small group of consumers who share common interests and interact with each other on social media. Therefore, tribe marketing is a marketing strategy that leverages the social behavior of certain groups of consumers in order to promote goods or services. How to conduct tribe marketing in China? Benchmark Daxue Consulting will […]

Consumer Research

Consumer research is about people. Its aim is to know what consumers see, what they buy, what they drink, what they think, and how they act & react. Moreover, it allows to unravel the reasons behind the whats and hows. Our steps for running consumer research in China Plan Our consultants will identify the research focus and choose […]

In Vivo Research

Stores are the place where customers tend to make their buying decisions and we strongly believe that it is the best place to gather relevant and reliable information about customer behavior and purchasing criteria. In vivo research is an innovative in-store fieldwork methodology which can lead you to take substantial competitive advantage by collecting information that […]

Focus Groups

Focus groups are a form of qualitative research through discussions of 6-10 target consumers that usually last 2-3 hours. We recruit participants in the focus groups based on the clients’ criteria for their target market. By interacting among each other, recruited consumers generate new ideas which could provide direction for future campaigns, products, and adjustments. […]