What would happen if Santa went to China? Taobao shows us in their 12.12 campaign

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On December 3rd, Taobao released its new Double Twelve promotional video “Fly Over the Aurora Village” ( “飞越极光村” in Chinese). This magical video captivated the Chinese audience with its humorous yet touching story, as well as an unexpected ending. The video depicted the current situation of the pandemic as even Santa was not exempt from wearing a facemask, taking a COVID test, nor from being quarantined.

Source: Taobao Official Weibo

The fun is in watching the mystical and western-cultured Santa Clause experience China-specific and real-life pandemic restrictions. For example, Santa’s reindeer was taken away by the police due to it being a “wild animal”, which should not be privately kept. Furthermore, his unforgettable adventure in China has resonated with audiences, as it captured exceptionally relatable life snippets of the pandemic.

This campaign tries to narrow the gap between people in different fields and establish a connection between Taobao and its consumers. When Santa is in quarantine, his life is a realistic portrayal of people’s winter daily life in northeast China. Santa has local Chinese food, learns Chinese traditional rhymes, and sleeps on a Kang (炕 in Chinese, traditional furniture in northeast China).

Source: Taobao Official Weibo

The scene where Santa’s outfits and “aurora” simulator were bought and delivered by Taobao during quarantine – showcases Taobao’s wide product variety along with its outstanding efficiency and customer service. The video has triumphantly impressed the audiences, not only by the vivid description of family scenes from life but also by its imagination of how a western magical character goes about living in the Chinese north-eastern countryside.

Source: Taobao Official Weibo

Despite Santa being played by an old Chinese man and his adventure being a fairy tale, the feedback received has been highly positive – highlighting the elder’s kindness and enthusiasm.

Moreover, a lot of netizens were incredibly touched by Santa’s action. As people realize how turbulent the year has been under the pandemic, we thrive through difficult times and never give up – just as how Santa persevered in order to show the children the aurora lights in the story. In the end, the short film also mentioned how “there is no Santa Claus in the world, but there must be someone who loves you (世上或许 没有怪诞老人,但一定有爱你的人).

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