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“Durian price has hit a rock-bottom low this year”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

Durian, usually considered one of the most expensive fruit items, has become more affordable than ever this year in China due to a surge in durian supply like Monthong (Golden pillow) durian (金枕榴莲) from Thailand, as well as the opening of durian trade from Vietnam and the Philippines. During the first five months of 2023, Vietnam solely exported 65,000 tons of durian to China, a 41% increase from last year’s total export.

Durian prices plummet in Beijing wholesale market

According to a Beijing Youth Daily (北京青年报) journalist, the price of durian in some wholesale markets in Beijing in late June dropped around 40% as compared to the end of May. In the 3rd week of July, there has been a heated discussion on Chinese social media Weibo in terms of why #durian price has hit a rock-bottom low this year# (榴莲价格跌至全年最低), viewed over 140 million times within 3 days.

Durian-flavored products hype: insights from Chinese consumers

In recent years, brands in the food and beverage sector have been promoting durian-flavored products, which Chinese consumers tend to hype up about, as durian is perceived as an internet-famous fruit on Chinese social media. More Yogurt (茉酸奶), specifically, has conducted a survey on durian-flavored milkshakes, in which the lowest price option it offered on the survey was 68 RMB.

Source: Weibo, netizens’ comment on durian prices

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Durian’s premium appeal: Chinese consumer focus on high-quality products

According to a poll initiated by (财经网) on Weibo “Would you buy a cup of yogurt for 68 RMB,” around 90% of the respondents chose the answer no. Only 57 out of 2124 respondents would be willing to buy this often under the condition it is tasty and worth the price. In conclusion, consumers are becoming more concerned, and are only willing to pay a premium for durian products that are truly high-quality.

Durian supply surges in China: Chinese netizens discuss drastic durian price decline

  • Durian supply surged in China due to increased imports from Thailand, Vietnam, and the Philippines. Vietnamese durian exports alone saw a 41% rise in 2023.
  • Durian prices plummeted in Beijing wholesale markets, sparking a heated discussion on Chinese social media platform Weibo.
  • Despite the hype, Chinese consumers are selective about durian-flavored products, showing a preference for high-quality options.