Benchmark of the online competition in China

The benchmark includes:Daxue Consulting - E-commerce Platform Analysis

Due to the increasing importance of internet and e-commerce in Chinese consumers’ lives, Daxue Consulting has learned to efficiently leverage big data for better customer insights and for comprehensive competitive benchmarking. More specifically, over the last few years Daxue Consulting developed its own data-collection software and additional technological tools to monitor and source information from Chinese main e-commerce platforms (such as Tmall, Taobao, Jingdong, Yihaodian). Through e-commerce platform analysis, Daxue’s team will help increase our client’s advantages over its competitors with similar-sized businesses in its industry by providing qualitative and quantitative inputs.The objective of benchmarking in China is to find examples of superior performance and to understand the processes and practices driving that performance. Indeed, China is a distinct market, and to enter it is necessary being aware of the specificity of the Chinese culture and business practices. We carry out the analysis by benchmarking the client’s online competitors regarding each of the requested key drivers in the market  (price, quality, add-on services etc.). Our team of analysts closely watch the domain leaders’ market statistics of the same e-commerce business. Our experts work on detailed analytics reports including valuable insights of the customer expectations, the modern market trends and the strategies implemented by the competitors.Additionally, those specific reports allow our client to fully understand where to rank its business in the Chinese playing field.

E-commerce platform analysis in China: how do we work at Daxue

Our competitor analysis service includes:

Consumer analysis on specific product range. This report allows us to draw a general portrait of costumers of a specific product, knowing where they are from within China, their age groups, their gender segmentation, their buying behavior, etc. Understanding consumer buying behavior can help make marketing communication more effective.

Industry’s analysis.This study gives an overview of the sales for a product range.It is also giving our clients the best performing brands, products, Tmall/Taobao shops, sales volume, and value within the last 12 months.

E-shop’s analysis. For a given shop, our team can analyze specific shops data. We examine the needed figures, list the best-selling brands,  products price variations, sales volume, and value for the last 12 months. Companies that use our e-commerce benchmarking service, improve their performance, understand the relative cost position and gain strategic advantage up to 150% within a year. Our project managers provide as many operational recommendations as possible.Putting in place the whole process and technology to collect and review is key to success in e-commerce.These types of research aim at empowering our clients with comprehensive information on how to sell, where to sell, how to differentiate and how to access distribution networks in China.

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