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Fashion magazines in China













Madame Figaro, first published in Paris in 1980 as a supplement to the Saturday edition of the daily newspaper Le Figaro, now has expended into more than 12 countries and districts including China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan China, Russia, Greece, Portugal, etc. Dedicated to trends in beauty and fashion, it targets readers with high income, high social status, and familiarity with current affairs. Besides, Madame Figaro published an online edition in addition to paper edition to get access to more readers.
Marie Claire is a monthly French fashion magazine published in 1937 and distributed into over 20 countries with 33 international editions in 16 languages. Marie Claire is publicly regarded as the the leader in fashion area and well integrates fashion with beauty, health and entertainment. It is devoted to telling readers a true world in the most romantic way, helping them live a desired life, and lighting women’s inner world.

ELLE, founded in 1945 in France, was the largest worldwide fashion magazine with 42 international editions in over 60 countries. With the slogan of “Sexy, Spirited and Stylish”, the magazine reaches over 4.8 million readers, mainly women between the ages of 18 and 49. ELLE wants to give young women enough power to decide their own life and motivate their aspirations and inspirations.

MILK, created in 2001, is a fashion and lifestyle magazine in Hong Kong. As one of the most “in” and “cool”magazine in China, it collects most fresh information about clothes, shoes, games, designs, musics, videos, movies, and lifestyles all over the world. In July 2006, it was first issued in mainland China and achieved immediate success.

Mina, a fashion magazine published in2004 in Japan, gains its popularity mainly in Hong Kong, Tai Wan, Japan, and mainland China. With the slogan of “To be your own stylists”, it focuses on fashion style and design, teaching readers more DIY skills. Its can be basically divided into three parts: Fashion, Beauty, and Life style. No matter in which part, you can always find something best, newest, and fastest.

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