Fashion week in China

CHINA is on the rise, not only economically but also in the fashion world too.
1.China Fashion week
China Fashion week is held March 25th -31st for A/W collection and October 25th-31st for S/S collection every year. Shows include high fashion, ready-to-wear, accessories, make-up and styles etc. Each show last up to 30 minutes. China Fashion Week Organizing Committee invites famous brands and professional organizations to hold a professional contests of high fashion, ready- to-wear, accessories etc. It also include International Fashion in Beijing Forum and other seminars, consist of Varsity Debate, Arts Salon, Fashion Trends Release. Millions of people watch China Fashion Top Award and China Fashion Week Brand Award annually though television or web-sites. It has become the most influencial Fashion week in the mainland of China. One of the features of it is to provide a great opportunity for domestic brand to explore international market and expand global influence.

Domestic brands is growing dramatically though China Fashion week’s development. Reviewing 2009 China Fashion week, there are only 10 domestic brands operate their fashion trend show. But in 2012 spring-summer show, this number has reached to 30.
Varied activities promoting chinese fashion influence. professional contests of high fashion, ready- to-wear, accessories is target to attracting international youth designers to show their talents and lead them to focus on chinese market. Brand Award ceremony is becoming the most impective ceremony.

Lack of creativity is the critical limitation in China Fashion Week. Some products which chinese brands launched in the show are suspected to be a copycat of international big brands. For instance, in 2012 China Fashion week spring-summer show, one purse of Lei Chuang Ganran Wal(Brand name) is just as the same Asversace(Brand name). Its designer is criticized by public media. It seems that Chinese designers are still getting used to copy big shot brand.
Chinese style is being abused in China Fashion Week. Many critics have noticed that chinese style keeps popular for a long time in China Fashion Week. Chinese designers always put Chinese characteristics into cloths, accessories etc. Critics say they have been bored due to “Chinese Style” however Chinese designers are willing to stick to “Chinese style”.

4.Can China Fashion Week lead fashion trend in China?
Governmental support and mainstream media attention lead China Fashion Week to be the most impactive Fashion show in the mainland of China. Varied activities held during China Fashion Week also encourages global focus. However, as Chinese customers getting used to international brand and this customer habit has existed for long time. Chinese fashion fans are more likely to pay attention to international fashion show and bring it back to China. So It still need time to judge whether China Fashion Week can lead fashion trend in China.