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market of Cheese in China

Focus of French Brands growing in market of Cheese in China

Our focus today on the leading French brands which successfully established their name in the market of Cheese in China.

Market of Cheese in China

Brand 1: Président

The brand of Président was founded by André Besnier, a leading figure in French dairy industry, in 1962. At present, Président is owned by the Laval based Lactalis company, a multi-national dairy products corporation in France. It is becoming the largest dairy products group in the world, and is the second largest food products group in France, following Danone. Apart from Président, it also owns the brands include Sorrento, Société Bridel, Rachel’s Organic and Valmont.

Brand 2: La Vache qui rit (乐芝牛)

As the first cheese brand in the whole world, the most popular La Vache qui Rit was born in France, having a history of more than 90 years. Now she is all over the world, with recognition and preference of consumers from over 100 countries and regions: Globally, there are over 10 million “La Vache qui Rit” cheeses being purchased every day, that is, over 115 cheeses every second on average. La Vache qui Rit has its members all around the globe right now, such as “The Laughing Cow” in English-speaking countries, “Vessiolaia bourionka” in Russian-speaking areas, and it has already become a legend brand. The red cow who laughs, high-quality cheese, Unique packaging, these all became typical symbols of La Vache qui Rit in the heart of consumers everywhere.

Brand 3: Kiri

Kiri is a cheese brand owned by Bel Group or Groupe Bel (in French), which is a multinational cheese marketer centered in France. The Bel Group is a cheese manufacturer and distributes processed and semi-processed cheese to over 120 countries. Apart from Kiri, Bel Group also holds the usage right of the brand includes “The Laughing Cow”, “Babybel”, “Leerdammer”, and “Boursin”. All these five brands consist of Bel’s five core brands that are distributed on five continents. In 2008, Bel Group and its shareholder, Unibel created Bel’s Corporate Foundation which aims at promoting a balanced diet and preserve the environment.

Brand 4: Milkana (百吉福)

Milkana opened a specialty market of cheese since Alex Bongrain, the creator of Bongrain Group, developed Caprice des Dieux. Bongrain Group focuses on cheese manufacturing and distributing, and has already been the largest supplier of dairy product all around the world. As for now, it becomes the leader of retail market in butter and long-time preserved cream industry in France and Belgium, the pioneer of cheese and dairy product selling channel in France, and the largest service supplier of high-end banquet hospitality in France, New York, Moscow, and St.Petersburg.

Amy Wang, consultancy in China

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