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Focus on Dartmouth College in China

Dartmouth College, located in Honover, Hew Hampshire and set up  in 1769, is the 9th oldest college in America, and is a member of the Ivy League. At the very beginning, it was set up to train white young people and the young people in the Indian tribes, and it only accepted boys for the first 2 centuries. It began to accept girls in year 1972, the latest among the Ivy League. However, its education for boys is still among the best in America. In current America where there is ‘boy crisis’, two thirds of the students at Dartmouth are boys. In this focus on Dartmouth College, we will go over what makes this university one of the best in the United States and also how can it help you grow your career in China.

What makes Dartmouth so Great?

In the US News & World Report 2022 university ranking, its undergraduate education ranked the 12th in America. Now, it has about 6,600 students, and 1,500 of them are graduates. Students come from the 50 states of America, and over 100 countries in the world. Asians account for 10% of all students, while blacks account for 7%, Spanish account for 5% and whites account for 75%. Dartmouth adapts a system called ‘the plan of Dartmouth’. A school year is divided into four sessions, and students are free to choose which 3 sessions they want to attend. This makes it very convenient for students to arrange their time. They can go on internships or go abroad to learn.

The education method and resources at Dartmouth are all first class. It has 19 schools, over 10 subjects and projects, and over 1,600 courses. Its school of engineering, school of business, med school and school of arts & sciences all have world famous graduate majors. Also, the school encourages its students to work as the TAs or RAs of the professors to increase their experience in research. The college also provides over 40 research programs in over 20 countries, and encourages students to go abroad for further study. According to some statistics, 40% students have their independent research programs, and 55% students have experience in studying abroad. After graduation, some students of Dartmouth are engaged in the consulting business.

Among the graduates of Dartmouth, there are many famous people. They include: the famous politician, Daniel Webster, a previous vice president of America, Nelson Aldrich Rockefeller, the 75th Secretary of the Treasury, Geithne, the former CEO of General Electric, the former CEO of Goldman Sachs, and Chinese famous people like Zeng Zimo(曾子墨) and Zhang Lichen(张力宸).

How can Dartmouth help you start a career in China?

Having a name of being ‘conservative’, Dartmouth did not have much communication with Chinese universities for the past several decades, but in recent years, it is turning its attention to China. It has been cooperating with Beijing Normal University(北京师范大学) in Chinese teaching. Also, it is trying to cooperate with Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications(北京邮电大学), Wuhan University(武汉大学), Tsinghua University(清华大学) and China University of Geosciences(中国地质大学).

On top of those partnerships, Dartmouth is offering multiple Chinese language programs and various international business programs to give you the tools to start your career in China. At Daxue, we can help you further with our internship program that will help you develop a better understanding of the Chinese market. With us, you will work on market research reports and in-depth articles in the fields that interest you the most and learn more about China’s business environment. 

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Edited by Amy Wang from Daxue Consultant China