Focus on Stanford in China

Stanford University, whose formal name is Leland Stanford Junior University, is one of the world’s best universities. It was set up in 1891 by Leland Stanford in memory of his son who died early, and is located in Stanford, near San Francisco. With an area of 35 kilometers, it is the second largest university in America. The decision of Leland Stanford brought California countless fortune, although California was remote and undeveloped and called a farm at that time. Nowadays, students still need bicycles to go to classes. Now, the campus of Stanford, together with those of Princeton and Cornell, are the most beautiful campuses in America. In this focus on Stanford University, we will go over what makes this university one of the best in the United States and also how it can help you grow your career in China.

What makes Stanford University so Great?

In the US News ranking in 2022, Stanford was listed the 3rd star university in America, and ranked the first in scholastic aspect. Its School of Engineering and School of Education were the second best in America. Also, its Law School was in the top of America. There was a time when 6 of the 9 justices of America’s Federal Supreme Court were Stanford graduates.  Its famous majors include: computer science, math, physics, English, psychology, biochemistry and drama. According to a market research report, the average annual income of Stanford graduates is the highest among all universities. In 1998, Chelsea Clinton, the daughter of Bill Cliton, chose Stanford, which again proved the university’s quality.

Compared with schools in the Ivy League like Harvard, Yale, Stanford has a shorter history, but does not lag behind. For example, according to Forbes, Stanford has 28 billionaire students, second only to Harvard.

According to their website, Stanford enrolls 7,646 undergraduates, 9,292 graduate students, and counts 2,288 faculty members including 21 Nobel prize winners. 

How can Stanford University  help you start a career in China?

Stanford has a branch school in Beijing(北京), China. It is the result of the friendship between Stanford and Peking University. It opened in September, 2004, and is the 8th overseas branch school of Stanford. The Stanford Program in Beijing takes the quarter system in Stanford, and has two sessions every year, with 10 weeks a session.

Stanford has many famous alumni. Herbert Clark Hoove, 31st president of America, graduated from Stanford in 1891. Yukio Hatoyama, the former prime minister of Japan, was a Ph.D. of Engineering in Stanford. Victor LEE(李泽钜), who obtained his double master’s degree from Stanford, has now become China’s wealthiest man. Richard LEE(李泽楷), the brother of Victor, also graduated from Stanford.

Top universities in China like Tsinghua University(清华大学) and Peking University(北京大学) all have exchange programs with Stanford, but the standard is high, and only a few students have the chance. Also, there are some NGOs that hold exchange programs for EMBAs in China’s top universities.

On top of those partnerships, Stanford University  has developed the Center on China’s economy and institutions and various international business programs to give you the tools to start your career in China. At Daxue, we can help you further with our internship program that will help you develop a better understanding of the Chinese market. With us, you will work on market research reports and in-depth articles in the fields that interest you the most and learn more about China’s business environment. 

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