Market study: Henan Jinxing Brewery Group

Jinxing Brewery Group, established in October 1995, is a large Chinese beer company. Its yearly production amounts to two million tons, making it the largest beer brewer in the Henan(河南) Province. In addition, it has been one of the top four Chinese beer companies for four consecutively years. Currently, it has 18 production bases in the Hebei(河北), Guizhou(贵州), Yunnan(云南),Sichuan(四川), Shaanxi(陕西), Gansu(甘肃), Shandong(山东), Shanxi(山西), and Guangdong(广东) province. It has won over 140 national prizes, and is now becoming one of the most important Chinese brands for the future. Today, the company has over 6,000 employees and has over 60 types of products.

Jinxing focuses a lot of its attention on the quality of its products. Also, it is a relatively young beer company and keeps innovating to distinguish it from more established Chinese players in the industry. It became a national inspection-free product in December 2006. In September 2007, it was honored as one of China’s Well-known Trademarks. And it was designated as a specially-made beer for state banquets at the Diaoyutai(钓鱼台) State Guesthouse.

Henan Jinxing: industry model

Jinxing has always received praise for its company culture and value In the Chinese beer industry. It puts a big emphasis on its social responsibility. Based on such method, Jinxing not only provide consumers with high-quality products, but also operates with integrity. Jinxing helps needy groups in China to improve their living conditions and teaches them techniques to survive. Also, Jinxing offers many poverty-stricken students financial aid to continue their education.

Jinxing puts treats its staff with the utmost respect to foster an enjoyable work environment and keeping employees’ spirits high. The company aims to help people grow and mature. Jinxing’s employees are also all given social securities and medical benefits, which further encourages them to work rigorously for the company.

Henan Jinxing: becoming big

Henan Jinxing Brewery Group is different from most other companies in China’s beer industry. Unlike other domestic beer companies, it has no foreign capital investment. Despite its many achievements, its market is still limited. Its biggest markets are the Henan(河南) and Yunnan(云南) provinces, but in East China and Northeast China, Tsingtao(青岛) and Snow(雪花) beers dominate the market and Jinxing’s products are a rarity. Thus, Jinxing set a long-term goal of expanding throughout China and penetrating markets where its products are still unpopular. Whether this aim will be realized depends on Jinxing’s ability to distinguish itself from brands like Tsingtao and Snow and survive amongst the fierce competition.

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