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Is the beer market in China getting craftier? | Daxue Consulting

beer market in China

Beer imports in the last 5 years have risen with the Chinese market showing growth in both volume and value. In 2016 alone, 0.81 million kiloliters of imported beer were sold illustrating the progression from 2012 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 42.2%. Moreover, the imported beer market in China has reached 666.15 […]

Market study: Henan Jinxing Brewery Group

Jinxing Brewery Group, established in October 1995, is a large Chinese beer company. Its yearly production amounts to two million tons, making it the largest beer brewer in the Henan(河南) Province. In addition, it has been one of the top four Chinese beer companies for four consecutively years. Currently, it has 18 production bases in […]