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Internet Usage in China

China internet usage 2011

Authoritative Report from CNNIC

On 17th 2012, the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) released the 29th China Internet development report, taking a sample of a total 6000 users, comprehensively covered fixed phones, PHS families, dormitory fixed phones and mobile phones. The report gave a comprehensive and detailed investigation and analysis on many aspects of internet usage in China in 2011. We abstract the information that mainly focuses on the usage rate of different kinds of network applications.


Microblog (Weibo) Rose Abruptly

In 2011, one of the biggest hit in China’s internet world is the Microblog (weibo). The weibo user reached 250 million, an increase of 296 percent campared to the same period in 2010. netizen user rate reached 48.7 percent. But after the booming growth in the first half of the year, growth rate decreased. The real-name registration policy will further affect the development of weibo.

Other Various Aspects

  • The ways and habits that the Chinese netizen communicate and interact have appeared quite some changes. The usage rate of instant messaging experienced rapid growth and reached 80.9 percent. E-mail, forum and BBS all experienced different levels of dropping. Social Network Site (SNS) appeared apparent dropping of four percent.
  • Search engine obtained 407 million users, with netizen usage rate of 79.4 percent, and became the second largest internet application. Internet shopping kept increasing and reached 194 million users.
  • Group-buying became the second fast-growing internet application, only second to Weibo, with a growth rate of 244.8 percent.
  • Web game players reached 324 million, an increase of 6.6 percent compared to 2010. Among all the online games, casual games such as chess and cards attract most players.
  • Online literature websites attracts users of 203 million, but its development is slower than the whole internet development.
  • Online video users reached 325 million, a rapid growth of 14.6 percent. Online video has become the 5th biggest online application. However, the online video industry as a whole is still in deficit. The situation is not easy to be changed at present.


Stefanie for Daxue Consulting China