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Market potential China – Assessment

Market potential China – Assessment

Daxue Consulting can conduct studies of the potential for SMEs as well as for large international companies (MNCs). Studies of potential help you evaluate a product, a sector, the launch of activity, or an idea. Different from the market research, the assessment of market potential in China aims at testing a product, a service or innovation “in vivo.”

Daxue Consulting team uses both its expertise and its valuable market research tools to assess with your staff the market demand for your product or service. We help you to answer the following crucial question:

  • Is my product/service meeting a market need in China?
  • Who are my potential customers, and where can they be found?
  • What kind of competition will I meet? Is it Chinese or Wester competition; is it a domestic or foreign market?
  • Does my product/service offers something fully new on the Chinese market?
  • What are the main consumer trends in China right now; and how can I adapt my product/service according to this trend
  • Are the law and the regulation in China for my product?
  • What is the price point and what can be my pricing strategy when it comes to selling my product/service

Daxue Consulting also gives you precise information about to perfectly gauge the amount of effort and resources required to entering China market.


Daxue Consulting offers valuable solution to Market sizing in China

Daxue’s solution Market Potential China is the most cost-efficient tool to analysis your targeted market before enter it. Daxue Consulting team has the resources, experience, tools and data needed to provide you the best market sizing in China.

Our methodologies include:

  • Consumer research in China to fully and correctly understand your prospect need, habits, and patterns. Consumer research can be conducted through the qualitative survey, mainly Focus group, as well as quantitative methods, as Online survey and In-store questionnaire.
  • Statistics and Data gathering to assess exactly the size of the market
  • Market report on competition level and approaches. It includes market penetration and market share of your competitor, both Chinese and Foreign Firms.
  • Desk research about regulation and accounting specificities of your market
  • This previous information allows us to provide you with performance preview.
  • Daxue also conducts soft launching, with the online panel in China.

Market potential China – Follow up

Daxue Consulting’s team strong believe that Enter China Market doesn’t just mean open a door but say settle down in a long-term view. Therefore, we like to follow up with you as long as your business need support in China

Our team continues to work closely with your staff during your development in China. We conduct a regular audit and like to keep our long-term clients update about every opportunity in all China markets.

If you want to turn toward a new region in China, we can inform you about barriers and regulations associated with entering a particular area or cities like Shanghai, Beijing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Tianjin, etc.

Thank our extensive network, the largest among market research firm in China, we can cover the entire China and to give expertise in every city where you might want to enter.



Daxue Consulting Team


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