Market Research on Yuesai in China

Yuesai, the cosmetic brand created in year 1992 by the famous Chinese American, Ms Jin Yue-sai(靳羽西), now belongs to L’Oreal Group. Ever since its establishment, it has been making thorough study of the skins of Chinese females, and developing beauty plans for Chinese females. In its products, Chinese traditional plants for medical use like glossy ganoderma, ginkgo and angelica sinensis are combined with modern technology to care for the skin. With its major product ‘the water for liveliness’, it has gradually become the ‘brand that know the most about Chinese females’ skin and color’, and the most suitable brand for Chinese females.

Yuesai had its first production base in Shenzhen(深圳) and the second one in Shanghai(上海). In 1996, it has become the best brand in the cosmetics industry in China, and had been the most welcomed brand in China for years. In June, 2004, the brand was bought by L’Oreal. After two years of growth, it has become one of L’Oreal’s high end cosmetic brands, in the same rank as famous brands like Lancôme and Shu uemura. In 2012, Yuesai cooperated with the famous Chinese dress designer, Laurence Hui to introduce its new product series, which is combined with the Chinese dragon character.

Yuesai: becoming international

In year 2011, L’Oreal Group had a total annual turnover of 10,700 million yuan in mainland China. It increased its investment in China, including investing 200 million yuan to establish its factory in Yichang(宜昌), Hubei(湖北) Province, which will become its biggest production base in Asia. Also, it is planning to have its Chinese-origin brand, Yuesai, enter the international market. In near future, Yuesai’s products will appear in international mainstream cosmetics market.

Also, Yuesai was invited as the exclusive brand to design make-ups for the 2011 Miss Universe Competition. The successful designs not only displayed Chinese beauty to the world but also increased Yuesai’s worldwide popularity.

Yuesai Online

The online shopping market is developing at a fast pace in China, and many famous brands like Estee Lauder and Lancome have already had their own official online stores. On October 10th, 2011, Yuesai had its official online flagship store on Tmall, an event that made it the first high end cosmetic brand to open official online flagship store on Tmall. By Cooperating with Tmall, the biggest online retailer in China, Yuesai provides its fans with more convenient and trustworthy purchasing channels, and attracts more consumers to look at and try its products.

Edited for Daxue Consultant China

Credit Photo: Sjzhekou