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Marketing campaign evaluation services also include digital campaign evaluation and PR campaign evaluation in China

Daxue consulting offers our clients professional marketing campaign evaluation such as PR campaign evaluation and digital campaign evaluation in China. Our team also provides you with insightful and tailored advice in terms of marketing strategies based on our in-depth marketing campaign evaluations in China.

More specifically, our team examines the effectiveness of online and offline marketing and PR campaigns in the overall ecosystem of the Chinese market, as well as offer tailored advice in terms of how to better conduct marketing or PR campaigns in China through different channels. With a focus on the Chinese market and our global team and expertise, daxue consulting supports our clients’ business growth in the Chinese market from a broader spectrum.

Our methods for marketing campaign evaluation in China

Daxue consulting provides personalized service to meet different goals for our clients.

We use both qualitative and quantitative methods to conduct a marketing campaign evaluation in China. Our goal is to help our clients make better business decisions regarding marketing, digital and PR campaigns.

Our team can evaluate marketing campaigns in China across different social media platforms in China such as Weibo, TikTok (抖音), RED (小红书), and WeChat. While the research team collects information from consumer research and social media platforms, we also use tech tools for large scale data collection and analysis. Our team has created different metrics to evaluate marketing campaigns on different social media platforms. Based on data and information collected, we offer our clients insight into consumers and actionable recommendations.

KOL marketing campaign evaluation in China

Daxue consulting is also experienced in KOL marketing campaign evaluation in China. For instance, when a client needs to evaluate the effectiveness of a KOL they hired, our team assesses  the awareness and engagement.. Through post evaluations, we examine if the KOL profile and followers still match the brand image and target audience.   Using software, we can analyze the mass data behind the number of new followers of the brand, the number of reposts, comments, and likes of the post and the marketing campaign.

How campaign evaluation fits in the larger China market research picture

Apart from evaluating specific marketing campaigns,  daxue consulting also analyzes the brand and its marketing efforts in a bigger picture  with market research in China which combines both traditional research methods with innovative technologies.

In terms of qualitative research, daxue consulting conducts expert interviews with industry experts. Daxue consulting also implements fieldwork on a regular basis to conduct quantitative research to generate insights for our clients based on analysis of data and the most frontier industry dynamic such as online and offline surveys and questionnaires. Apart from our in-house technology team, we also collaborate with technology companies to ensure that we provide our clients marketing solutions in an efficient and innovative manner so as to help facilitate our clients’ decision-making process.

Example of marketing campaign evaluation in China: Luckin Coffee (瑞幸咖啡) and Netease (网易)’s Co-branding

In August 2019, Luckin Coffee and Netease announced the official opening of their theme store called “Music Island” (乐岛) located at Sinan Mansions (思南公馆). The theme store blends the idea of coffee and music, hoping to provide an immersive experience for visitors to temporarily isolate themselves from the outside world.

marketing campaign evaluation China
[Source: Luckin Coffee Official WeChat Account “Luckin Coffee | 网易云音乐主题店” Marketing campaign evaluation in China]

According to Baidu Index, the search volume for the keyword “Luckin Coffee” (瑞幸咖啡) has increased over 200% five days after the launch of the campaign, which implied that the campaign has largely increased brand awareness for Luckin Coffee in a short notice. Co-branding is a highly effective marketing strategy, especially when the personalities of both brands align with each other. This co-branding between Luckin Coffee and NetEase Cloud Music provides a great example of successful marketing campaigns in China. Both brands target a certain group in China, namely “Wenyiqingnian” (文艺青年) that usually refers to those Chinese young people who demonstrate strong interests in music and arts. Targeting Chinese “Wenyiqingnian”, NetEase Music provides a social platform for Chinese young people to engage with one another in various sorts of ways, such as commenting on songs, uploading original music, interacting with artists, etc.

digital campaign evaluation China
[Source: Baidu Index (百度指数) Example data on a tool used to conduct a digital campaign evaluation in China]

Through such collaboration with a company that shares the same group of target audiences, Luckin, as a start-up coffee-chain company, is able to deliver its brand value more effectively and accurately to its potential and existing customers. At the same time, this co-branding campaign offers NetEase Cloud Music, a company that offers music-streaming service online, an opportunity to engage with its users in a tangible way. Merging the concept of coffee and music, the campaign created a sensational social scenario that enables people to consume coffee while enjoying music and reinforce product stickiness for both brands.

Challenges to expect in the Chinese Market

According to the newest report “Doing Business 2020” by the World Bank Group, 2020 might be a better year for foreigners to do business in China thanks to several business reforms implemented by the government. At the same time, during this year’s singles’ day shopping festival, foreign brands topped the sales charts. This shows that now is the right time for a digital campaign evaluation in China.

However, despite the possible upturn of the overall business climate of the Chinese market, approaching marketing can still be fairly difficult in to foreign brands. What worked in other countries and regions would not necessarily work well in China. Brands need to be aware of the challenges they would probably encounter:

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