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Project: Consumer Survey in China

Consumer Survey in China - Consumer ElectronicsDescription: The client is one of the key consumer electronics company in the world and one of the bestselling smartphone maker in China.

In order to understand one of its key target customer –Chinese millennials – the client contacted Daxue Consulting to administrate and analyze a survey across 8 Chinese provinces. The survey was to target a panel of 1,200 young people currently studying in Chinese top universities (private and public) and investigated perceptions, preferences, and future consuming trends in terms of technology and media.

Output: Daxue Consulting was in charge of executing an offline survey of 1,200 top university students across 8 Chinese provinces. Thanks to its extensive university network across most Chinese provinces, and thanks to its tailor-made survey APP, Daxue Consulting was able to set up and administrate the 1,200 questionnaires in a month. Daxue Consulting was then in charge of putting the results together, analyzing and giving recommendations / forecasts on the market’s future evolution.