Omnibus Survey in China: Why use it?

Sometimes a business concern within the market is too small to start research for, but it does not mean that it should be avoided due to budget limitation. These small concerns might just be the crucial piece of information in order to lead you to success. The Omnibus survey in China is a competitive and efficient way of collecting such specific knowledge on your market in China. The purpose of the omnibus survey is to share sampling and screening costs across multiple clients. Therefore, the research projects will be more exhaustive and complete. In the same time, through our customized methodology, we help your company to gain strategic insights and make sure all your specific questions and needs for information are answered.

The Omnibus survey will involve a base of multiple clients. However, as Daxue Consulting believes exclusive information for our clients on their market is essential, clients from diverse sectors who are independent of each other will take part of the research. They will bring in questions that require a solution by conducting the surveys. The idea is to gather a sufficient panel of survey respondents answering specific screening requirements meeting each client’s needs.

Thus, Daxue Consulting can conduct numerous interviews with the panel group that is based in China. Interviews are a combination of standard questions such as the demographic and social-economic backgrounds and specific set of questions sponsored by clients. The collected data are analyzed and delivered to the clients in a report. Daxue Consulting can run “hybrid” interview through telephone, online or face-to-face.

The omnibus survey in China provides clients with information about the specificity of the Chinese market with a means to get quick and relatively low-cost answers to their business inquiries without financing full market research.

Omnibus Study at daxue consulting

Omnibus Survey in ChinaClient participation in Daxue omnibus surveys can result in significant cost savings. An Omnibus survey is a shared cost survey. Each client would be entitled to view a fixed number of standard demographic results, plus a set of custom questions that are private to each client. Each omnibus research has a designated set of questions available for each client. Moreover, Daxue omnibus survey will help you to reach specific audiences such as men or women, certain education, age or income groups.

Omnibus Survey in Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen and more

Daxue Consulting is able to run Omnibus survey all over China, in Shanghai, Beijing, Hong-Kong and many tier-1, -2 and -3 cities in China. Depending on your business challenges, it will be beneficial to allocate resources and conduct a shared survey. Omnibus surveys are a cost-effective way to get valuable, proprietary information about the citizens in China.

We therefore work in the following cities:

If you are not sure between running an omnibus survey or a custom survey, Daxue Consulting team will be delighted to suggest a most suitable methodology with the given objectives, outlining the pros and cons of both methodologies, and the pricing options.

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