customer research China

Customer satisfaction survey in China

Customer satisfaction survey in China

Why you need Customer research in China

China has the largest single potential consumer market in the world and the forecast of its economic growth rate remains strong in the next two decades. Therefore, China is one of the most popular markets for different international companies, and this means the China market is more competitive than many other countries. Customer satisfaction survey in China should allow you to track the performance of your brand in this crucial market.

Customer satisfaction survey in China


In order to stay ahead of competitors, it is critical to gain market share and improve market competitiveness of your company. Customer research and customer satisfaction survey in China can offer you better understanding of customers’ behavior, their preferences, their satisfactions and so on, which can help you to establish a long-term relationship with customers and build loyalty. Most important, cost-effective customer research can focus on creating and reinforcing positive experiences to maintain existing customers and create new customers for your organization. There are three very different approaches for measuring customer satisfaction:

  • post-purchase evaluations
  • periodic satisfaction surveys
  • continuous satisfaction tracking

The complex socio-economic situation in China, with its huge population and various cultures from place to place, makes customer research and satisfaction research more complicated. Thus, it is time-consuming and labor consuming to carry research by yourself. So our job with customer satisfaction survey in China is to offer you deeper insights about customers with effective, timesaving and accurate methods.

What Daxue Research can offer?

Proven Methods for customer satisfaction survey in China

We use multiple precise and professional methods for customer research and customer satisfaction survey in China. These methods include:

  • focus groups
  • desk research
  • interviews including qualitative interviews and quantitative interviews, in-depth and in-house interviews
  • sentiment analysis
  • ad hoc research
  • learning expedition in China
  • and more!

Our team

We are a professional consulting team in China with more than 5 years of experience and consisting of a multinational staff, which can give your different perspectives for better understanding customers in China. We are devoting ourselves to building a developed social network with famous universities both domestic and overseas, and also with a large number of academic institutions.

Our successful past cases

With the assistance of our optimized methods and our professional team, we have completed many projects for companies from diverse areas and sectors. For example, we helped an infant formula producer conduct market research and we also helped a luxury brand develop their strategy in China. Moreover, we provided service for a pharmaceutical company from Europe to understand the China market by carrying out customer research and investigating client satisfaction, especially with customer satisfaction survey in China.

Want to know more about our service or about customer satisfaction surveys in China? Contact our team of China consultants here.

Customer satisfaction survey in China

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