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Understand the drinking culture in China

Understand the drinking culture in China

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Over his many years spent in China working at Daxue Consulting, Thibaud has been providing market analysis and adapting market research methodologies to the Chinese market. He previously worked for 4 years in France, working in the field of marketing and within marketing research firm Nielsen. Thibaud has been collecting experiences supporting market entry of B2C, B2B and public institutions in China and his expertise has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, China Daily, South China Morning Post, and others.

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Mr Baijiu - December 17, 2018

Hi, I have been experimenting with baijiu for the last three months or so. Baijiu, pronounced “bye-joe” literally means “clear liquor,” is a category of at least a dozen Chinese liquors with a defining quality that is common to all premium baijiu is the ABV of 50% plus. Its a bit too strong and pungent for my palate. I have found it really is great as a cocktail mixer some brands more so than others. has a good in-depth selection on cocktail recipes here

In my opinion it mixes better with citrus flavors but everyone has their own preferred taste. Enjoy!

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