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Chinese tourist Louis Vuitton

“Chinese tourists queuing up to buy Louis Vuitton bags in Japan at 4 am”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

According to Umetrip (航旅纵横), as of April 22nd, bookings from Chinese tourists for both inbound and outbound international flights have exceeded 790,000, an increase of over 1.5 times from the previous year. Specifically, among the most popular outbound travel destinations, Japan emerged as the top choice. In the first quarter of this year, Chinese tourists spent RMB 293,100 on average per person in Japan, ranking highest among foreign visitors.

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Chinese tourists chase discounts on Louis Vuitton in Japan

As the Japanese yen continues to drop this year, Chinese tourists are flocking to Japan to shop for luxury products. On Douyin, a video clip of Chinese #tourists queuing up to buy Louis Vuitton bags in Japan at 4 am# (游客到日本凌晨4点排队抢LV包), waiting for hours in line, was trending in the last week of April as the Labor Day holiday approaches.

Conflicting views on Chinese tourists’ luxury shopping

On the other hand, some netizens under the Douyin video expressed confusion, and some even frowned upon Chinese shoppers traveling overseas snapping up luxury goods. On the other hand, posts and guides on Xiaohongshu regarding traveling to Japan to purchase Louis Vuitton bags can be easily found. There are also promotional content from purchasing agents, commonly referred to as “daigou” (代购) in Chinese. “Louis Vuitton is almost becoming a local specialty of Japan,” a netizen jokingly said.

netizens' comment on Chinese tourists' Louis Vuitton purchases
Source: Xiahongshu (RED), Chinese netizens’ comments on the phenomenon

Globally, although there have been concerns over Chinese shoppers’ demand for luxury goods due to the economic slowdown, purchases of Louis Vuitton products by Chinese buyers worldwide increased by around 10%, showing strong growth. On this, Jean-Jacques Guiony, the Chief Financial Officer of LVMH, said he’s “quite happy” about it, although LVMH’s sales only went up by 3% in the first quarter of 2024.

How Chinese tourists are driving Louis Vuitton sales in Japan

  • Chinese travelers are increasingly booking international flights, with Japan as a top destination. They’re spending more in Japan than any other foreign visitors.
  • Chinese tourists are flocking to Japan for luxury goods, especially as the yen drops. Videos on Douyin show queues for Louis Vuitton, signaling a growing trend.
  • Netizens debate Chinese tourists’ luxury shopping habits abroad, while global sales of Louis Vuitton to Chinese buyers soar by around 10%, defying economic concerns.

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