Ganbei! An In-Depth Guide to Chinese Drinking Culture

Modern day China has a rapidly growing wine and spirits market, with even some of the world’s most prestigious names like Château Lafite Rothschild taking root in China. But this market didn’t arise from China embracing Western drink products and consumerism, nor does it come from China’s rapid globalization and economic development over recent years.   […]

Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper Download

We have collaborated with iClick Interactive, a leading enterprise and marketing cloud platform in China in releasing a Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper. Click to download the Chinese Travel Shoppers 2022 Whitepaper The whitepaper provides an overview of the travel retail market in China, with a spotlight on Hainan, as well as a macro-view of […]

5 Chinese consumer values in the post-pandemic economy

Consumer values in China

Private consumption in the Chinese economy is expected to reach around $12.7 trillion by 2030. Experts anticipate the Chinese consumption to more than double within 10 years compared to the spending of $5.6 trillion in 2019. This translates to an annual private consumption growth rate of 7.9% over the next 10 years. With this outlook […]

Market Tidbits transcript #2: The rise of the Stay-at-home Economy in China

Stay-at-home Economy in China

Matthieu David: Allison Malmsten and I today we are going to have a market tidbit on the Stay-at-home Economy in China and we wrote a report a few weeks ago, about this stay at a home economy which was of course impacted by what happened in February, March, April with the Covid-19, the coronavirus and […]