Online Social Games in China

Impact of Online Social Games in China

Video gaming market has seen a steep high rise in the popularity of online social games. People’s fascination with online social games has emphatically broadened their reach, so much so that online social games are  estimated to cover 50% of the video gaming market by 2016.

In 2019, online social games are expected to become $17.40 billion markets and nearly $5billion will come from online social casinos. The immense popularity of social games is attributable to people’s likelihood for both playing and socializing through a digital medium. Game development companies are making hefty investments to bank on the rise of new gaming trend – mobile games.

Online Social Games in China

Online Social Games in China

China is at the top when it comes to the highest number of gamers in the world. In fact, China has the highest number of mobile gamers too and most of them play social games. People like to play their favorite social games on mobile devices due to the ease of carrying them and being able to play from anywhere. China has witnessed a skyrocketing rise in mobile game spending over the last two years and is among top three countries for iPhone, iPad and Android investments for video games.

Although most social games are free to download and register, game developers get higher ROI via in-app purchases that players make to reach advanced stages, buy power-ups or virtual gifts for fellow players.

Apart from fun, social games pave the way to play with more players, invite friends, share rankings on social media etc. The leaderboard is an important feature of social games as players like to compete with each other and maintain high ranking to prove their gaming mettle.

Without a doubt, the social gaming market is offering a treasure trove of opportunities to game developers world over.

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