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Pricing Strategy

Dominating a saturated industry while optimizing market positioning and generating margin profit in a highly competitive environment are very hard to get when it comes to pricing management. Our pricing strategy helps you apply an effective pricing strategy specifically catered for the Chinese market.

Pricing strategy is the process and method used by businesses to determine the prices for their goods and services. Pricing plays a vital role in the success of a company.

Chinese customers are different from their Western counterpart due to their price sensitivity. However, Chinese consumers tend to spend a large amount of money when they are convinced of the product’s good quality or the value of the brand. Therefore, if a company wants to obtain a leading position in the Chinese market, it should consider carefully not only the company’s own business life cycle and competitors’ strategies, but also the behavior of Chinese customers and their purchase drivers.

Our steps for pricing strategy research in China:


We will conduct a comprehensive price audit of your product categories for both in-store and online.


Our experts will create benchmark metrics of key market players, along with brands from different sectors with similar revenue generation models in China.


Our team will also perform end-consumer research, both for need analysis and marketing mix validation.


To complement the information, our experts will research market-driven trends and devise a distribution and promotion model in China.


We will collect in-depth interviews with local professionals in your industry.


After gathering and analyzing all data and information, we will provide insights and recommendations for your optimal pricing strategy.

What Pricing Strategy brings you

Deeper understanding of your target market

Pricing strategy can offer you intimate insights into your target market which is crucial as pricing can affect the way product is received by the market.

Set the right price for your products and services

Our pricing strategy in China can assist you in determining the best prices to maximize profits and shareholder value while taking consumer market demand into account.

Support your strategic decisions

Our pricing strategy can help you make key decisions such as your revenue goals marketing objectives, target audience, and product attributes.

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