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Overview of the Economy of Shandong Province 3 – The World-renowned companies in Shandong

The world-renowned companies in Shandong

Generally, all kinds of companies can be found on the provincial stage and are all great driving forces for the development of economies of Shandong. Among them, there are indeed some companies which performe more outstanding than others. The most representative companies are as follows (Table 2)

Table2: Most representative companies in Shandong Province

Foods and Pharmaceuticals IndustriesTsingtao Beer               Wine of ChangyuDHG
Manufacturing IndustryShandong Chenming PaperHisenseHaier CorporationWeichai Power
Energy and Chemical IndustriesSinopec Qilu PetrochemicalShandong Haihua co. ltdShandong Luneng
RetailLiqun GroupShandong Yinzuo

From table 2, such clues can be seen as industries in Shandong show the feature of multi-domains, in other words, whatever the domain is, some renowned companies can be found. Shandong is the leading force of the economic development of China especially in the domain of energy and chemical industries. As has been mentioned above, in the part of marine industries, the oil and other chemical material sources are easy to be found in the East China Sea and in the land of Shandong Province, there are ample resources for the growing of such companies. But it has to be noticed that the non recycled resources such as oil may not be seen as a longer term resource for the economy increase. The sustainable development theory obliges Shandong to make an utmost effort to push forward the tertiary industries in the near future.