Pizza chain restaurants and frozen pizza in China

Pizza originated from Italy, but there are people who think pizza is from China. In China, pizza is the most popular Italian food. According to statistics, Pizza Hut only already has more than 500 chain restaurants. In recent years frozen pizza is more and more popular in the Chinese market. It is quick and easy.

Three largest pizza brands in world:

Pizza Hut: In China, Pizza Hut is the first pizza chain restaurants to enter the Chinese market. Now, it has the largest network and is the most popular chain restaurant in China.

Papa John’s: In 2003, Papa John opened the first restaurant in China (Shanghai). In 2008, it was a celebration for Papa John since it has opened its 100th restaurant in China. Nowadays, Papa John has established restaurants 33 cities and has more than 150 restaurants.

Domino’s Pizza: It was founded in 1960, but it entered the Chinese market later. Chinese Domino in specific delivery range, its delivery time is not more than 30 minutes. But it is only in Beijing and Taiwan.

Other national brands: MR pizza, it comes from Korea. They have a lot of chain restaurants in northern China.

Frozen pizza: Frozen pizza only in some big cities now, and most of them are imported.