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Main Responsibilities:

  • Design and develop visual presentations in PowerPoint for commercial pitches. Work with our consultants and sales team to understand the stake of each project and our methodology to develop visual pitches that explain the whole process of our services and convince worldwide managers about our expertise.
  • Develop materials for new business pitches. Work with the sales team to design any visual material that can support sales process.
  • Design marketing material for Social media. Work with the marketing team to design chart and figure presentation to be spread on Internet.
  • Design reports and infographics for information and figures spreading online. Work with the marketing and research team to design material such as report, case study or infographic to better spread our existing research content online.
  • Design new website and improve our range of existing ones on WordPress. It implies creating visuals such as banner and slider as well as being capable of using CSS and web design tools.

The Challenge: Our team is responsible for visually communicating our expertise and our experience on Chinese market through presentations and marketing material. We produce the visual tools and the narratives that can either create leads on social media or support sales process. We’re looking for someone to help us design presentations that thoughtfully and powerfully communicate our message.

Required skills:

  • Full understanding of project management on Powerpoint: InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop.
  • Strong experience on design project and ability to quickly understand design needs and transform it on ready-to-use materials. Ability to structure and format eye-catching presentations.
  • Experience in web design a plus, with knowledge in WordPress, CSS and HTML needed. Interest and curiosity for the field strongly required.
  • Be passionate about problem solving and creative.
  • Business sense and a basic understanding of Chinese markets are required to better understand our message. Experience in business-related position is a strong plus.
  • Good understanding of Chinese culture and its market.
  • Be poised in a fast-paced deadline-driven environment with demanding staff. Make-it-Happen Spirit needed.

If you are interested, please send your cover letter and resume in English to

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