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Pudao Wine in China

Pudao Wine (葡道) is one of the best spots for wine tasting in Beijing and Shanghai and started their retail shop business in 2009 in Shanghai, 2011 in the capital downtown. Offering a changing selection of 20 kinds of wine by utilizing the potential of Enomatic machines, Pudao has become the most unique and exciting wine shop in the metropolises. It’s more like a retail venue rather than a wine bar, however, it offers quite lots of opportunities for try-before-you-buy taste.

Start your tasting by purchasing a RMB300 (US$45) member card, RMB200 of which goes toward Enomatic credit, RMB100 of which is a membership fee. Usually, there’s no food for selling in Pudao Wine, but you can get complimentary mineral water and delicious cheesy bread sticks. During their anniversary, free special delicacies are supplied as well. Wines in the Enomatic machines change every two weeks, and are chosen by theme. This setup allows for comparison between wines from different countries, of different prices and of different production styles, making an evening here extremely educational. Wine trainings, parties, wine tastings, sales promotion can all be approached here to assist the customers to know and share more knowledge and feelings to wine. You’ll be able to try affordably priced tasting pours of fantastic high-end wines, and there’s lots of entry level stuff as well. Usually open at 12am and close at 9pm, attracts many business people and white-collars near the CBDs to have a taste and enjoy their romantic wine time.

Address: House 102, Ferguson Lane, 376 WuKang Rd. (near Tai’An Rd.), Shanghai

               Unit F1-01, Tower AB, The Office Park, No.10 Jintong West Road – North of Hanwei Plaza, East of The Place – Chaoyang District, Beijing