Purifier Market in China

How Purifier Market in China will Change the Path of Foreign Investment

China has been suffering from polluted air and water since its beginning of the development in the early 1990s. Great concerns about the quality of air and water help to activate the market of purifiers in China. It’s a crucial moment now for foreign investments to enter the market as the rising attention expands the market while government’s standard help to locate the products.

Serious environmental problems boost both air and water purifiers market

As the largest developing country in the world, China is famous for its severe environmental problems both in air and water, which simulates strongly the market of purifiers. A recent report published by the Asian Development Bank and Tsinghua University shows that 7 of 10 world’s most polluted cities are in China and less than 1% of 500 big cities in China conform to WHO world’s air quality standards. The heavy smog in big cities like Beijing or Shanghai often appears in the news which indicates the serious excess of PM2.5. The condition is also critical for water. Only 38.5% underground water meets the standard while several major rivers like Huai and Liao are highly polluted. Though the governments have already taken action to improve the environment, it needs a long time to have the effects and Chinese people still have to live in a bad environment for at least tens of years. Thus, the purifiers seem to be the most direct method to provide people with clean air and water in a short time.

Rising attention to the polluted environment where they live in, Chinese generally realize that a purifier at home is a must for daily life. The great demand for purifiers brings tremendous growth in both air and water purifiers markets. The air purifier has a growth of 90.2% in 2013 while water purifier has a growth over 70% in 2014. Both these two kinds of purifier will soon become the pillar of household appliances because of Chinese’s rigid demand.

Developing Chinese‘s protection consciousness can be the first step

The concept of purifying still needs to strengthen as the popularity rate of air or water purifiers stays very low in China, which is a key to open the purifiers market. Less than 0.1% families in China use air purifiers while it’s 27% in U.S and 71% in Korea. There are only 2% families having water purifiers at home while there are 90% in western countries. Air or water purifiers mostly occur in the public places like hospitals, schools or offices as the government wants to create a better circumstance for citizens. However, most individuals have little consciousness to put a purifier at home. Chinese are exposed to the massive message of environmental pollution for a long time, but the acknowledgement of purifying is not enough. Most of them believe that the indoor air at home is much cleaner compared with outside and boil the tap water to drink. Nobody knows that indoor air is polluted as much as outside one and boiled tap water is even worse for the health.

Producers of purifiers will excitedly see a rocketing growth of the market as long as they devote hardly to develop customers’ protection consciousness. Showing the powerful function of the product is important for every seller but adding some grim consequences for not using purifiers can sometimes make him stand out. Only by calling attention to bad effects resulted from wrong common sense can arouse customers’ desire to bring a purifier home.

Government’s published standard for air purifiers gives a reference

The latest modified National Standard of Air purifiers will be published next March, which gives a clear reference for any producer who wants to enter the market as well as customers to choose products. This standard decides two basic core qualifications: CADR (clean air delivery rate) and CCM (cumulate clean mass). CADR and CCM help customers to qualify a product with both purify ability and persistence. The standard also proposes the modified methods to test the ability of removal of target pollutants like PM2.5 and formaldehyde. Several companies have already tested their products with new methods and use the results as their selling point. The CADR and CCM of AX7000 air purifier from SAMSUNG are 3.3 times as high as the standard. It has higher purification and lower noise compared with a new standard. Such high quality results in wide acceptance among consumers. Therefore, foreign investments can take the standard as a guide to improve their products so as to enhance their competitive power.

Intelligent purifiers is a new trend

With the rising application of artificial intelligence in the household appliance like lightning and air-conditioners, the intelligent purifiers can be a new direction for producers to move on. Several companies are working on the smart home system and some of them have already developed amazing products. In 2015, China Appliance & Electronics World Expo, GREE has showed its intelligent air purifier, curtains and lighting. It also set up a home simulation which enables the customer to experience a new living environment with safety, convenience and comfort. The IT company XIAOMI has also shown its ambitious in this market after the promotion of its air purifier and smart home system. The concept of smart system spread rapidly almost in every domain. The intelligent purifiers will definitely become an important part in the smart system, which can be a developing direction for those who want to enter the purifiers market in China.

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