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“How many more surprises to expect from Sanxingdui”: Trending hashtag on Chinese social media

The culture of Sanxingdui (三星堆) could be traced back to the Bronze Age, which many archaeologists identified to be part of the ancient kingdom of Shu (蜀). Back in 1986, sacrificial pits including gold, bronze, jade, and pottery artifacts were accidentally discovered by local workers from a brick factory in Nanxing (南兴镇), Sichuan province. It caught the attention of archaeologists and later became the No.1 sacrificial pit of the Sanxingdui Ruins site. The world was shocked and fascinated by the artistic and historic values behind the culture and the lost civilization of 3,000 years it presents. As more astonishing discoveries came out, it became one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of human history in the past century.

Sanxingdui’s ancient gold mask takes center stage at Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve extravaganza

Source: Pexels, unearthed artifact from Sanxingdui

One of the most spectacular findings among the many objects discovered at Sanxingdui is a 3,000-year-old gold mask weighing around 280 grams. It will be one of the most important elements of this year’s Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve Concert. As the New Year 2023 approaches, the hashtag #How many more surprises to expect from Sanxingdui# (三星堆到底还有多少惊喜) was viewed over 20.9 million times on Chinese social media Weibo in the third week of December. Many netizens expressed looking forward to seeing the themed show on New Year’s Eve. “I like the culture of Sanxingdui very much. (The show) is really something to look forward to.”A netizen from Hebei commented.

Weibo buzzing with excitement as netizens share their Sanxingdui blind box surprises

In 2021, more than 1.47 million people have visited the Sanxingdui Museum. This is an increase of 380.7%, making Sanxingdui one of the hottest check-in places in Sichuan. While archaeologists are busy uncovering new pieces at the site, Chinese consumers are also busy unpacking Sanxingdui-themed blind boxes to surprise themselves with a miniature mask. It ranged from Mask of Innocence (无辜面具) to Mask of Intimidation (威慑面具). “(You) never know what will be dug up next. The peripheral products of Sanxingdui are so cute!” A netizen posted on Weibo.

Sanxingdui’s popularity soars: visitors flock to museum, while consumers unbox quirky blind box treasures

  • The discovery of Sanxingdui, an ancient Bronze Age culture, in 1986 amazed the world. Its sacrificial pits was filled with artifacts, marking one of the greatest archaeological findings of the past century.
  • A 3,000-year-old gold mask from the ancient site took center stage at the Sichuan TV New Year’s Eve Concert. It generated anticipation and excitement on social media with the hashtag #How many more surprises to expect from Sanxingdui#.
  • The popularity skyrockets as over 1.47 million people visit the Sanxingdui Museum in 2021. This makes it into a must-visit destination in Sichuan. Consumers eagerly unbox Sanxingdui-themed blind boxes, unveiling adorable miniature masks and fueling anticipation for future discoveries.

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