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The athleisure market in China: opportunities in an increasingly active country

Athleisure market in China

Athleisure is a fusion of fashion and athletic apparel, fit for a wide variety of occasions, such as at work, school, socializing, and of course, a variety of workouts. People dressing in athleisure clothes often present an active healthy lifestyle, 35.1% of individuals opted for regular exercise as their means of maintaining health in 2022. Download […]

Adidas in China: will the brand bounce back?

Adidas in China

Adidas is currently one of the biggest sportswear manufacturers, with a worldwide revenue of USD23.8 billion in 2022. Adidas entered the Chinese market in the early 90s without setting up its own store. The imported products were sold through bigger franchises until Adidas opened its first headquarters in Shanghai in 1997. China has played a […]

The linguistics of naming a brand in Chinese

How to make a Chinese brand-naming strategy

Foreign brand names in China Translating Western Brands in China With the unprecedented economic growth that has characterised China in the last decades, more and more foreign companies, especially luxury brands, see an opportunity to enter the Chinese market. The trending expansion towards the East has become a sort of new frontier for high-end manufacturers […]

How to choose the right distribution channel in China: Chinese online marketplaces vs. Your own E-Commerce Website | Daxue Consulting

online marketplaces China

With more than 610 million digital consumers, China is currently the world’s leading e-commerce market. With such potential, it is not surprising that China has become the new goldmine for all online retailers, local or international. However, selling its products to Chinese consumers requires some adjustments and a specific marketing strategy for cross-border e-commerce in […]

Leisure Market In China: a changing Lifestyle

Leisure market in China

The following is a research on the leisure market in China. Economic development and social evolution have led to leisure activities becoming the necessities. The “need to escape” is enjoyed in different ways across cultures and is closely related to daily lifestyles, working life, and cultural patterns. As the Chinese society has experienced great changes over […]