Market research: Quinoa in China

Market research: Quinoa in China Growing popularity Originally cultivated as a subsistence crop by indigenous Andean population, quinoa contains healthy elements such as vitamins, proteins, essential amino acids which make it be recognized for its nutritive qualities. It seems to be gaining momentum in the whole world. The global demand is surging and the exports from […]

Market analysis: Agribusiness in China

Agribusiness in China

Market analysis: Agribusiness in China Being the largest importer and the largest exporter of agricultural production, China feeds around 20% of world population. This is a result of long-term historical development of agriculture and agribusiness in China, which dates back to 7500 BC. Nowadays, agriculture still plays an important role in China employing 300 million […]

Food Exhibition in China

food exhibition in China

Food Exhibition in China Food is traditionally an important part of Chinese culture. Middle class families usually have 4-5 different meals for lunch and 7-9 for dinner, so each member can taste the whole range of dishes. This love and interest for food and the fast growing economy of China lead to increasing number of […]

Market research: Flour market in China

market research China

Market research: Flour market in China Chinese culture, particularly Chinese traditional cuisine, implies active use of flour; Chinese noodles, bakery and even some of the main meals contain flour as one of the main ingredients. The flour market in China is supposed to be the largest in the worlds grinding more than 115 million tons […]