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Market analysis: Agribusiness in China

Market analysis: Agribusiness in China

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Over his many years spent in China working at Daxue Consulting, Thibaud has been providing market analysis and adapting market research methodologies to the Chinese market. He previously worked for 4 years in France, working in the field of marketing and within marketing research firm Nielsen. Thibaud has been collecting experiences supporting market entry of B2C, B2B and public institutions in China and his expertise has been quoted in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, China Daily, South China Morning Post, and others.

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Mark Greenshields - February 28, 2018

I’m an Australian farmer who owns and manages a 7th generation family agribusiness in southern Australia. I have also lived and worked in China for 12 months back in 2005. I believe China would benefit from the strategic development of farmer cooperatives which are managed, not by farmers, but by educated personnel who have degrees in business management and marketing. These cooperative structures would bring economies of scale to the farming communities which they currently lack. This is of high importance if Chinese farmers want the ability to access technology, equipment and finance to improve their profitability.

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