Market Tidbits transcript #2: The rise of the Stay-at-home Economy in China

Stay-at-home Economy in China

Matthieu David: Allison Malmsten and I today we are going to have a market tidbit on the Stay-at-home Economy in China and we wrote a report a few weeks ago, about this stay at a home economy which was of course impacted by what happened in February, March, April with the Covid-19, the coronavirus and […]

Target Chinese Consumers

8 Tips to… Target Chinese Consumers Chinese is the fastest growing consumer market in the world. China’s forecasts show a growth rate for consumer spending of 7.7% for the next ten years. Thus, there is a large number of potential markets in China for both Chinese and foreign companies to capture. Many companies have recognized […]

Consulting China: How to attract Chinese tourists?

consulting china

Consulting China: How to attract Chinese tourists? [See also our focus on tourism market in China] During the long time of its history, China was seen as a closed economy with limited number of outbound travelers. Recently, the government officially declared support for foreign travelling when in January 2013 Chairman of the China National Tourism […]