Podcast transcript #67: A cross-border program for millennials, bringing entrepreneurs from China and Australia together to create startups

cross-border program for millennials

Find here the China Paradigm 67. You could not miss any details of this amazing cross-border program for millennials. Also, you will get a better knowledge of China Australia relationship after listening to this episode. Full transcript below: Matthieu David: Hello everyone, I’m Matthieu David, the founder of daxue consulting, a China market research company […]

China market entry: Australia-China Trade Agreement

Australia-China trade agreement

China market entry: Australia-China Trade Agreement China and Australia has been strengthening economic relationship for the last decade. Australia-China Trade Agreement, which was initiated by two partners in 2005, has officially pointed a need for bilateral negotiations. Although it was not completed due to certain disagreement on agricultural sector, it was a step toward closer […]